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Eccleston Capital is an independent Real Estate Investment Management, Asset Management and Consultancy business based in London.

“Serious investing consists of buying things because the price is attractive relative to intrinsic value. Speculation, on the other hand, occurs when people buy something without any consideration of its underlying value or appropriateness of its price, solely because they think others will pay more for it in future.

This is not to say that speculation cannot prove rewarding, it’s just not investing: investing makes your clients better off slowly, by trying to avoid a permanent loss of capital and making things better for clients as and when it is possible. Speculation has a tendency to make your clients rich, or poor, relatively quickly and the sire call of getting rich quick, not being left behind, or even watching others get rich, is hard to ignore.”

(Howard Marks, Oaktree)


 We lay the groundwork to maximise your returns, providing expertise at every stage of an investment life cycle.


Using our extensive network of nationwide industry contacts, we source and underwrite on and off-market real estate investment opportunities.


We manage the full pre-acquisition due diligence process including deal appraisals, risk and probability assessments, title and technical queries and cash flow modelling.


We employ a pro-active asset management approach to enhance income profiles and increase investment values according to a pre-agreed business plan.


After achieving the aims of the pre-agreed business plan, we execute the sales strategy and process, instructing and managing external consultants where necessary.



In times of market disruption there is always mispricing, which presents an opportunity for both buyers and sellers.
We have identified specific asset types where we believe there is potential to invest with advantage.


We source real estate opportunities, on- and off-market.


We provide expert acquisition advice covering all sectors.


We deliver core plus opportunities, underpinned by solid residual values.


Investment Management


Full business planning
From cash flow and return profile analysis to asset management, value add and exit strategy.


Acquisition process
From contract negotiations to team management, legal and technical. Debt packages if required.


Sales process
We monitor market movements, react accordingly and exit on time to maximise your returns.


Asset Management

In ever-changing markets you need to know your assets are fit-for-purpose. We understand all aspects of real estate so we can help you position your assets correctly.

No stone unturned
Leasing strategy and execution.
Renewals, re-gears, rent reviews and tenant mix strategy.
Refurbishment, redevelopment and repositioning.
Business rates mitigation.
Marketing and branding.
Planning advice.


We cover ground.

Our joint ventures with Quadrant Repurpose and Total Turnover Solutions helps realise potential across multiple portfolio types, offering highly specialised knowledge and experience in the fields of development management and turnover leasing in the commercial sector.


Retail destinations no longer fit for purpose or relevant to their catchment. Department stores, shopping centres, retail parks and High St parades/blocks. Nationwide. Lot sizes of £5m – £75m.


Core plus opportunities, nationwide, all sectors. £2m – £25m.

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Prime, fashion-dominated regional malls that are highly relevant to their catchment. £25m upwards.


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